Common Questions

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How to :

  • Insert numbers into cells
  • Keep notes for a cell
  • Remove selection or notes
  • Select puzzles to play
  • Switch sound effects
  • Switch Number Pad size
  • Learn Sudoku in depth

  • Apply Your Question



    The Entry View provides access to the tutorial and the user instructions documentation, lets you play the last played puzzle and access the preferences view
    You may access the Sudoku Tutorial by tapping this cell
    Start Playing by tapping this cell
    Access this document by tapping this button
    Access the preferences view by tapping this button

    The Preferences View lets you customize your experience and contact the developer of the application
    Switch the sound effects ON-OFF using this button
    Switch the size of Numbers Pad of the Play Screen LARGE-SMALL using this button
    Switch Error's Warning AUTO-MANUAL
    Use Contact Details for suggestions or questions

    The Play View accomodates the puzzle's grid, controls for accessing the puzzles database and controls to use during play
    Quit playing and return to the Entry View. The game is saved automatically
    This button shows the Popup Menu
    The Level and Index indicators. Tapping anyone shows the Puzzle Selector locating the current game index
    The numbers of the initial Blank cells and the Remaining unsolved cells
    You may Restart the game by tapping this button
    The Undo button
    The Redo button
    This button shows the Number Search popup
    Request a tip by tapping this button. If a tip is available the Orange Cloud button appears. If a conflict exists in the game then the Red Cloud button appears


    the Orange Cloud button appears when the tips button is tapped and a tip is availablethe Tip Cloud popup appears when the Orange Cloud button is tapped. It hides when tapped

    the Red Cloud button appears when the tips button is tapped and a conflict exists.
    It appears automatically when a conflicting selection is applied and the Error's Warning is set to AUTO in the Preferences View
    the Conflict Cloud popup appears when the Red Cloud button is tapped. It hides when tapped

    When tip or conflict cloud pop up, the row and column indicators appear

    The info button at the top-right of the Cloud popup, shows the Tutorial page locating topic about the instance of the tip or conflict


    The Play View in Landscape


    Selecting Numbers

    All puzzles come with an initial set of cells filled with a numbers. This is mandatory, so the puzzle has a unic solution. The initial set of cells can not be edited, the user has to fill the remaining cells
    large number pad modesmall number pad mode
    To select numbers

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